When fellow musicians talk about me as a drummer, the first thing that comes to their mind is”well rounded.” Under Joe’s instruction, students learn how to play in an abundance of different styles including classical, jazz, rock, funk, latin, and a variety of other world music. With joe I played everything from John Bonham’s groove in “the Ocean,” to the Songo of native Havana Cuba.

The Musician:

Joe is an amazing drummer and musician with years and years of diverse drumming and education under his belt. His performance experience is endless, and there are always opportunities to see the man in action.

The Educator:

He is a very dedicated teacher wnd will go out of his way to accommodate both the student’s and the parents’ need. Every person has their own style of learning, and Joe does his best to work with each individual student‘s strengths and weaknesses to help them grow to their fullest potential. (Great with young kids.)

The Person:

Joe Carozza is a very personable individual and is an absolute blast to be around. A family man and an active musician and athlete, he is very understandable and is always eager to help you with whatever you may need.

For ten years (age 7 - 17) I took drum lessons from Joe Carozza, and in that time, he helped me develop as a drummer, as a musician, and as an individual. Joe Carozza is an outstanding tracher and individual and will help you improve your drumming no matter what age or skill level; I guarantee it!

—Greg Casement

Joe Carozza has been my son’s drum teacher for over 10 years. He has proven to be an excellent instructor not only in Jazz genre, but also classical, Funk, Rock and Latin music. He is also an exceptional musician who frequently utilizes his performance talent during each lesson. These demonstrations have been highly beneficial to my son, resulting in outstanding NYSSMA scores and acceptances into Youth Symphonies and top Jazz bands during his summer studies. Not only has my son flourishd into a grat drumset player, but he also plays timpani, snare, bells and all other percussion instruments in the orchestra. His music reading abilities have also been exceptional, as well as his musicality and technique thanks to his years of study with Joe Carozza.

—Barbara Rizek-McGuckin

Our son Lee began taking drum lessons with Joe Carozza when he was just five years old. Nine years later, he continues to take weekly lessons. Joe's ability to motivate and connect with musicians is amazing. He is extremely positive, organized and professional. Joe easily develops a good rapport with his students, and they in turn respect and admire him. He individualizes his instruction to meet the specific needs and interest of his students.

Joe focuses on the basics, he challenges his students to perfect their rudiments, as well as their ability to read music and charts. Joe makes his lessons interesting and motivation. He uses a variety of techniques so that his students stay motivated and challenged. He ensures that his students become proficient in all styles of music including, jazz, rock, and everything in between.

Joe Carozza has been an exceptional musical mentor for Lee. He has helped him to develop into an outstanding drummer. Thanks to Joe's teaching and support, Lee has been able to excel in a number of musical activities. He performs in a rock and roll band, district jazz band, school band, marching band and High School pit band for theatrical performances. Joe has also been instrumental in helping Lee be successful in preparing for All County musical performances and NYSMMA.

It is without reservation that we strongly recommend Joe Carozza as a drum teacher. He has been a tremendous, positive influence on our son. He has enhanced Lee's life in many ways.

—The Falco Family

I highly recommend JC's Drum School and Joe Carozza. My son attended for twelve years, from before he entered first grade until he graduated from high school. He began with absolutely no knowledge of drums. By fifth grade he was participating in All-County concerts. In high school, he made All-State and even had a few paid gigs. His senior year he was accepted into Manhattan School of Music's Saturday program. This was all because of JC's Drum School!

Joe is a well-trained professional musician. He is also a fabulous teacher. He works with students individually. In addition to his own curriculum, he also reviews music for school concerts and helps students prepare for auditions. He is very knowledgeable about local and New York State competitions (such as NYSSMA) and encourages his students to apply. In fact, he often attends his students' events. He has an extensive CD library available. He even taught my son how to repair and maintain his instruments.

J.C.'s Drum School is also very flexible. We have taken half-hour as well as hour-long lessons, and we have attended weekly as well as a short period of every other week. Moreover, J.C.'s is probably the only school that lets students reschedule. If you can't make your regular lesson, J.C.'s will find another mutually convenient time. If that wasn't enough, we were able to schedule extra lessons before important auditions as well. Joe wants his students to succeed and wants to make sure each student gets all the lessons and attention he or she needs. he is willing to make changes to accommodate today's busy family schedules. He has two studios and allows students to use either.

J.C.'s posts information on local concerts, but more than that, J.C.'s organizes special events for its students. My son went on trip to the Village Vanguard to see Roy Haynes! J.C.'s also arranged for private lessons with world-famous Ignacio Berroa when he was in town.

I highly recommend J.C.'s Drum School!

—Heidi S.

I started studying with Joe when I was 5 years old. Now I'm 17. Soon I am going to go to college for music performance. I have the utmost confidence that I will succeed during college and have a successful career. It is Joe's teaching that gives me this confidence. But, Joe is not just my teacher. He is a mentor and a friend. If I could choose another teacher, I wouldn't. I'd stick with Joe.

—Alan S.

I have been studying with Joe Carozza's Drum School for about 7-8 years now and it has shown me all the different styles of music that I probably would never found through being self-taught. The lessons got me into high music education programs such as Arca-Allstate and All-County Jazz ensemble throughout high school and has helped renew a future career in music at Berklee College of Music. Joe's teachings are prestigious and well put together for any level drummer looking for lessons.

—Robert Macina

I have been a student of Joe Carozza for over three years. I began taking drum lessons with Joe near the end off my freshman year of high school. Throughout the years, Joe has taught me various techniques, skills, and all other types of drum and music education. He has exposed me to genres of music such as jazz and blues, of which I had never experienced before and taught me not only how to understand them, but how to play them well.

The knowledge that I have learned from Joe has been so impacting on my life. It make me eligible to join ensembles such as the Roy C. Ketcham jazz Ensemble, Concert Band, Wappingers District Marching Band, and East Fishkill Community Band. He has helped me learn criteria and get incredible grades for NYSSMA. Joe has also helped me pursue a career in music education. I am now enrolled in the music education program for the fall of 2008 at Saint Rose College in Albany, NY.

The education that I have recieved from him will always be one of my most memorable. From the styles and genres to the control and techniques, Joe Carozza has been an outstanding teacher and role model in my life.

—Cameron Corrado